sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2008


Olha que demais!

você entra
busca sua música
e lê histórias por trás dela :)

Na verdade eu acho que funciona em esquema wiki, então não dá pra confiar muito néam... mas mesmo assim é bem legal!!

Confiram algumas:

Stereophonics - Dakota
- The title 'Dakota' does not appear anywhere in the lyrics of the song. The Dakota is the name of the building in New York where John Lennon lived at the time of his death.

Stereophonics - It Means Nothing
- This song is about the urban paranoia of terrorism, which Kelly Jones witnessed after the July 7 terrorist bombings, which killed 52 people in London. He recalls in The Sun newspaper October 12, 2007: "We were in America at the time and we could see people trying to phone home and they couldn't get hold of the people they wanted to. You start to appreciate friends and family a lot more in life and we were like everyone else, and wanted to be with the people we loved."

Garbage - Medication
- Shirley Manson: "I'd gotten really sick when I arrived in Madison, and I was really frightened because I was all by myself in a foreign country and I had no idea about how the medical system works here. I was feeling very isolated and very paranoid. I was terrified. I remember I was sitting in the studio waiting on some of the boys arriving, and I was freaked out so I wrote these words out really quickly in two minutes. When the boys came in I said, 'I've got a song and we have to record it now!' It's a reflection on past ills in a way.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Today
- Corgan: "I was really suicidal. I just thought it was funny to write a song that said today is the greatest day of your life because it can't get any worse."

Muse - Citizen Erased
- Matt: It's an expression of what it feels like to be questioned. I spend more time than most people being asked about purpose, and it's a strange feeling. I don't really have the answers and I have to respond on the knowledge I have obtained so far, but the problem is that it gets printed, and something else has come along that's made you completely disagree with what you said

Justice - DVNO
- According to band member Xavier de Rosnay, "DVNO" stands for "Divino." De Rosnay states, "In every suburb of the world, in every city, there's always a nightclub called El Divino... Clubs where you have to wear like a white shirt to get in

E por aí vai!
É bem legal, dá pra perder um tempo!!

*** UPDATE: Bio Ritmo

Meu pai sempre mostrava isso pra gente quando eu era pequeno e eu nunca havia encontrado depois. Agora achei. Sempre achei divertido, mas nunca acreditei. E de fato não faz sentido. De acordo com isso, eu hoje estou:

Com ótimo emocional
Com péssimo físico
Com péssimo intelecto

Vai se fuder! hehehehehehe


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